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Our Imput

  • Competitive Social Media Analysis
  • Current Social Media Audit
  • Topic Creation using Current Trends
  • Demographic Analysis and Strategy
  • Social Media Publishing Calendar
  • Social Media Tool Analysis and Configuration
  • Brand Strategy and Execution
  • On-site Social Sharing Analysis
  • Influencer Research, Database and Outreach
  • User-Engagement Strategy

In order to build a community and engaging with your customers, your best tool is social media marketing.  We can manage, optimize, and grow every aspect of your social media presence so you can focus on taking care of your company. Your brand´s social media platforms will be well taken care of.

Social media management isn’t something you can do just because you know how to use the platforms; having a Facebook profile does not make you an expert. We build strategies that are based on observable metrics so we can quickly answer the needs of your potential customers by delivering the content, information, and interaction they want.

How can SMM help your business?

Social Media in 6 Steps


Setting Main Goals

At MakeYouReach marketing we thrive in our social media expertise. Our first step is setting our KPIs and main goals. We will then create buyer personas and we will gather significant to ensure execution is on target.


Company Brand Development

We have now set out KPIs and the next step will be to begin begin either refining or developing your social media brand. By creating clear brand guidelines for images, content, tone, and more, we can guarantee that your company will now have a strong presence across all social platforms. In addition, we will make sure your social media brand attracts your target audience.


Identifying Customers, Media Outlets and Influencers

We play an important role in everything we do regarding influencer marketing and outreach. Our process includes negotiation tactics and media kit review of influencer copy performance. We also research bloggers that can mention our client´s brand as well as retrieving reviews. We are proficient experts on all social media platforms and our digital marketers will guide your company towards the right social media platforms.


Optimize Your Site

At MakeYouReach marketing, we offer a service called social media optimization. This includes optimizing a clients blog, website, email newsletters, and more for social media. Some customers may need help with something as basic as a share button strategy, while others need advanced Twitter Card, Rich Pin and Open Graph optimization on a variety of templates and media types. We´ve got you covered.


Building Influence

Through our content creation, influencer marketing and PR we have become one of the fastest growing companies in Spain. We want put your brand out there for everyone to see. We will target influential bloggers in your niche and recruit important brand ambassadors to help spread your message through the internet.


Bidding Strategy

Creative content and blogging, in addition to social media advertising, are all part of the global effort that MakeYouReach marketing masters in order to build and grow your communities in social media platforms.

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